LoveLive School idol festival




Entertaining rhythm game featuring anime 'idols'


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LoveLive School Idol Festival is a rhythm game where you manage a group of 'idols,' choosing from dozens of different characters to customize. Each 'idol' has her own personality, looks, level, experience, and even her own special skills. Your job is to select the best ones.

Once the music starts playing, the gameplay is really simple. You just have to tap on the picture of the corresponding idol exactly when the rhythm circle is highlighting it. You can't tap it too soon or too late; it has to be exact in order to succeed.

Depending on how well you do on these performances, the girls gain experience and level up. You need to have a group of 'idols' with a decent level of experience if you want to face the toughest challenges and performances.

LoveLive School Idol Festival is an entertaining rhythm game that features a fun story mode, and a gameplay that's both intuitive and easy-to-learn. On top of that, the game's cute graphics will surely appeal to all anime aficionados.

Device must have at least 875 mb of free space


Requires Android 2.3 or higher